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Project Overview

An app that helps prospective design students find the most suitable design colleges by reading other students' reviews. It also compares colleges based on criteria that matter most to them. The OneUp platform combines college ratings and reviews, student portfolios, salary reports, reviews about professors, college photos, and more, to increase transparency among students at design schools.

Problem Statement

Choosing a design collage can be difficult

When choosing a design collage, there are many factors to consider and making sure it is the right choice for the long run

  • Occasionally, there is not enough information to make a conclusive judgment
  • Making a long-term decision can be challenging
  • The website of Collages provides unclear information
  • Making the wrong decision based on lack of information
  • The wrong college choice can cost a student time and money

Future design students choosing colleges to study at

Research Process

Interviews were necessary to understand what factors students consider when choosing where to study what information does the student need to provide when registering.

Competitor Analysis

I've looked up apps that provide comparisons between things, for example cars, and apps that focus on reviews, such as Airbnb and Trustpilot.

User Research

As part of my research, I conducted user interviews and a survey. Based on the survey, I was able to determine what future students should know about design colleges. 53 students from different fields of design participated in the survey, including visual communication, jewelry, interior design, film, industrial design, and textile design.

82% - Take into account the environment, conditions, and character of the school
80% - Interested in hearing students' recommendations
71% - Don't know the typical salary of design jobs
50% - Have no idea what they would like to study

Detailed interviews with six individuals. The participants in my research group were young people aged 18-28 who were debating where to study design.

“I have no idea what I want to study. It is difficult for me to understand what each college offers...” (Dorit, 26 years old)
“My friends didn't attend the college I was interested in, so I searched for students on social media. This takes a lot of time” (Sharon, 26 years old)
“It is important to me that I have the skills and the knowledge to enter the workforce after I complete college” (Asaf, 26 years old)
Map the key user flow

From the interviews, I learned what interests future students and that they care about student reviews and often struggle to find details about the college so they have to collect information from Facebook groups, find past students or find information on collage sites, which can be difficult and sometimes they can't even find all the information they need.

Key screens
  • Social login
  • Questioner
  • College results
  • College reviews
  • Industry statistics
  • College comparison
  • Results
  • Chat


Future studen who cant decide which design collage is better


College recommendations and comparisons

The app has two main flows, the first is when the user logs in and fills out a form that the app will use to recommend colleges to him, and the second flow is when the user likes more than one collage and wants to compare parameters before scheduling an appointment to come and see the collage.


The challenge was to balance all the information that could assist students without making the app too complex or cluttered. As a result, I organized the information about the college into tabs such as about, reviews, Q+A, tips, and industry.

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