Monitoring & tracking of competitor prices

Project Overview

EcoPrice tracks competitor prices and stocks so users can reprice products with smart customization strategies. Inform the user in real-time about similar products by competitors so they can make an informed decision more quickly. As part of my responsibilities, I conduct user research, competitor research, define the user flow and dashboard, as well as design the system.

Problem Statement

The price of products changes rapidly

For online retailers to be competitive, they need an easy and quick way to reprice their products. Price changes and tracking prices are time-consuming, and among the many tasks retailers have, they want to spend less time on them.

  • Prices change rapidly
  • It is time-consuming to manually enter URLs
  • Manually tracking resellers wastes time
  • Keeping track of price and stock changes manually
  • What information will be displayed in the details of the product

A storyboard helps us identify the key moments in a retail experience - uploading their products and tracking the price of their competitors' products

Research Process

Since in this stage the app was a prototype, I had to understand the user flow, verify the design partner's pain points, and find out what competitors were doing to see what might be useful.

Competitor Analysis

As I reviewed drop shipper platforms to see how they name products and manage them, a major focus was to save time and effort for the person managing the platform.

User Research

During our conversation with the design partner, we asked him to describe how he is handling tasks now, what is bothering him, and what he would like to see changed. In addition, we asked him what information he thought was important about the products of his competitors.

Map the key user flow

The scope was narrowed to adding products and tracking them in the dashboard

Key screens
  • Dashboard
  • Products
  • Add product
  • Details about the product
  • Search and filters


Owner of an online shoe store

In order to attract similar customers to the designer partner, we decided to use a similar persona.


Adding and searching the prices of competitors' products

According to the design partner, the retailer usually adds products in bulk in the morning and monitors competitors' prices twice daily.


In preparation for review by the design partner, I've sketched wireframes

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1) The product row displays the product's SKU, brand, price, cost, and competitors. By clicking on the product, more information about the competitors is displayed

2) Metrics summary highlights

3) Visual comparison of average prices and vendor distribution

4) A competitor's price is compared over time based on a specific product's data

5) Reviewing similar products of competitors helps understand the product based on the metrics and compare competitors' prices based on the graph

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