Video Library

Project Overview

Famer is the first sports coaching and mentorship platform to enable personalized training programs and interactive feedback between athletes, their coaches, and sports clubs. Using advanced technologies, Famer helps all young athletes achieve their full potential both on and off the field. It was my responsibility to plan and design the video library features.

Problem Statement

Changing video settings and finding videos is difficult

Video library as it was didn't support uploading and managing a lot of videos. We wanted to make it easy and convenient for admins to upload drills and manage drill visibility.

  • There are too many videos with the same cover image
  • Visibility settings weren't clear
  • Having trouble finding videos in the library
  • Live recordings are not represented
  • When uploading a video, there are not enough customization options
  • Storyboard

    Through a storyboard, I wase able to identify main scenario in the coaches' experience - adding a large number of drill videos to the drill library

    Research Process

    A problem that the coaches have been complaining about was identified in the storyboard. Because we wanted the library to support live video and also make changes to mobile, further research was required.

    Competitor Analysis

    In my research, I looked at apps that have video libraries to see what settings they provide and how they tag videos so they are easy to find. In addition, I checked the privacy settings on other apps to see how they are explained to the user.

    User Research

    Coaches(admins) use the system for the following purposes:

    • Control which coaches can assign drills to athletes
    • Control which athletes can view drills
    • Uploading dozens of videos at once - the thumbnail looks the same
    • Search for old videos to change their settings

    Customer feedback told us the settings of who can view the video when it is uploaded weren't clear, It was then COVID, and they used live recordings weekly, so they wanted to manage the live recordings as well.

    Map the key user flow

    In one of the flows, the administrator uploads a bunch of videos, and in the second, whether the drill is visible to all athletes who have registered on the app or if they are assigned to the drill. As the desktop app did not have visibility settings, we needed to add them, while considering quick and easy access to the admin to change them.

    Key screens
    • Watch tab - changing to ‘Library’
    • Search - adding
    • Fav - adding
    • Drill tab - changing 
    • Create/edit/view Drill app (coach) - adding
    • Create/edit/view Drill web - adding
    • Coach profile - changing


    Administrator Club's manager

    This use case focuses on the club's manager(administrator) uploading videos and setting privacy settings. The change will affect also: creator coach (selected by the administrator), all other coaches and all athletes to whom the drill was assigned.

    Other personas' needs:

    As an athlete, I want to watch videos that are personalized to me, that way I can watch them whenever I want. 

    As a coach, I want to have my video library, so I can easily share it with the athletes.


    Uploading videos by administrators and Setting up athletes' viewing options

    Changes will be made in the uploading process, including the option to choose the thumbnail and privacy setting for coaches.


    I worked on this project with the QA team to define the logic of viewing restrictions and writing the requirements to the DEV team.

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    Video uploading:

    • Setting privacy settings when uploading drills
    • Drill Tags - Admins can tag drills in the library to be indexed and searched easily
    • Admins can select and edit drill categories
    • Selecting a thumbnail to distinguish a video from another

    Watching and viewing restrictions:

    • A column displaying athletes in each product is added under Products 
    • Indication of non-logged-in users - Admins will see an indication of users who have not yet logged into the system
    • Improve the club admin sorting options
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    Next Project

    Monitoring & tracking of competitor prices